Buddy Walk® Organizers Unite in Our Nation’s Capital – A Chance to See Your Hard Work in Action!  


Advocacy Matters! NDSS Director of State Gov Affairs Heather Sachs, NDSS Board Member Patti Saylor & NDSS President Sara Hart Weir – just hours after the Maryland Ethan Saylor Self-Advocacy Center Bill Passed the Maryland House!

This afternoon, I had the chance to kick-off our 2015 National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS) Buddy Walk® Organizers Conference in Washington, DC by welcoming our Buddy Walk® organizers from coast to coast! I talked about ALL the exciting things going on with #TeamNDSS – especially the direction our organization is headed post #passEDtheact. I also had the chance to thank our amazing and talented Buddy Walk® organizers for all they do to help advance our legislative agenda on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country! The success of #passtheABLEact is a direct result of the hard work of our 275 Buddy Walks from across the country,


NDSS President Sara Hart Weir & NDSS DS-Ambassador (TX) Sergio Zarate – a dedicated Buddy Walk® organizer and NDSS DS-Ambassador

I often tell our Buddy Walks and Buddy Walk participants that even if you didn’t advocate for the ABLE Act by flying to our nation’s capital, make a phone call, send an email or “tweet” a Member of Congress – you had a hand in helping NDSS and the Down syndrome community #passtheABLEact!

Our Buddy Walks are the heart of NDSS. 93% of the funds raised by Buddy Walks stay local for our Down syndrome affiliates and organizations, with the remaining 7% furthering our mission to be the national advocate for people with Down syndrome and their families by supporting the NDSS National Advocacy & Policy Center. As we wrap up the Buddy Walk® Organizers Conference tomorrow afternoon, we turn to our annual Buddy Walk® on Washington – where we will have almost 200 advocates from almost 30 states storm Capitol Hill.


NDSS DS-Ambassador (DC) Madison Essig & NDSS President Sara Hart Weir at the 2014 NYC Buddy Walk®

Did You Know?

  • This year, the National Buddy Walk® Program celebrates its 21st anniversary! 
  • The National Buddy Walk® Program is the world’s largest and most recognizable Down syndrome awareness program
  • It has grown from 17 walks to 275 walks across the country, raising over $12 million for the Down syndrome community
  • There are over 300,000 people participating in the National Buddy Walk® Program from coast to coast

Read more about the history of our National Buddy Walk® Program: http://www.ndss.org/Buddy-Walk/About-the-National-Buddy-Walk-Program/History/

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